stainless steel urinal

stainless steel urinal

This new urinal is suitable for use in public washrooms. The urinal is made of stainless steel so that neither urine nor water will leave mark on it. Using a water curtain nozzle, urine will be drained away thoroughly leaving no odor. Also urine will not be spilled to the floor. Volume of the water curtain can be adjusted and a light sensor control may also be added for automatic flushing.

The product brings great convenience to the use and the management of the public toilet. The product adopts infrared sensor with multiple options so as to intelligently control the flushing procedure and can be adapted to all types of public washrooms to meet different criteria from different users.
Available upon requests!

-This product can flush by fixed volume or big volume,to guarantee the best effect to save water and keep sanitation.

-The effective distance controlled by infrared is from 1 to 10M


Material: SS304, or SS316

Finish: polish, or satin

Water flushing mode: mechanical or sensor control 

Perforated washing pipe is concealed in top part of the urinal.




Product Origin: Shanghai
Model Number: PU-01
Brand Name: POHANG

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